Bits Of Old Hoof

I always marvel at how much I enjoy selling stuff.

Ever since the day I sold my first Playboy magazine at age 10 I have been captivated by the thrill of finding or making something and selling it ( hopefully for a small profit ).

Thats why I am particularly excited about a small 5 day event I am planning with my brother at the (currently empty) 428 Richmond Road site.

I haven't shared a shop counter with Mark ( my Crane Brother from the same Mother ) since the year 2000 so it will be a monumental occassion, even if we don't sell anything.

We are both avid collectors and accumulators of ephemera, items of interest or as my Art Friend calls it " Bits of old Hoof ".

We both have way more stuff than one man needs and it is all going on the block.

So for four days only you can have the oppurtunity to purchase items that have kept most of the second hand dealers in Auckland housed and fed for the last 20 odd years.

There is too much stuff to talk about here and as the poster Mark designed and drew states " We haven't had a clean out like this since Mum went ape in 1985".

So pop along on Thursday 26th - Monday 30th September and have a look.

There are even a few Playboy Magazines, vintage of course; better articles.

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