Autumn Winter 2021

Autumn Winter 2021 will be our 44th collection and this season is one of the strongest collections we have ever produced. I am very proud of what we have achieved, and I’m excited to share it with you

New Zealand Māori have a name for autumn: ngahuru, which is an ancient word for ten. This was because Autumn started during the tenth month of the Māori calendar. Ngahuru is also the name for harvest, which occurred at this time. Autumn really is a bountiful season, so as much as I hate saying goodbye to summer's long days and warm evenings, I especially like this time of year because it means the beginning of new things and, as the mornings become crisper, we start thinking more about clothing in more practical terms.

Crane Brothers | Autumn Winter 2021
Rather than struggling with disruption, we are embracing change, listening to you, our clients and developing new products fit for purpose, whatever your lifestyle. This begins with our new website to better showcase our products to you whilst you are on the go - moving between meetings or working from home, struggling to find time to shop or generally grasping at ideas on how to dress in a fractured and fast-changing work environment.

We’ve spent many months working on creating a more rich and interactive digital experience, in order to be able to bring the full Crane Brothers experience to you, wherever you may be in the world. I hope you enjoy our new online home, and look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback.

Just as our lifestyles continue to evolve so do the clothes that we wear. Dress For Your Day™ is a concept that many of us grapple with, as we leave the structure and security of a dark suit and fresh shirt and look at how we can create five outfits a week. This season has an expanded collection of casual tailoring, and a comprehensive new knitwear programme, including jackets and even knitted trousers. We have also developed our most technical garments ever, with the introduction of the car coat, a fully waterproof three-quarter coat with detachable liner.

Soft shirts, casual pants, jeans, cargo pockets and drawstrings are not things you might have automatically associated with Crane Brothers, but we have always strived to meet our clients’ needs. Tailoring, especially made-to-measure, remains at the very heart of everything we touch and make, and we have turned that skill to producing beautiful casual garments suitable for the lives we lead today.

I hope you like them.

- Murray Crane