Recent work by EMMA FITTS and KIRSTIN CARLIN will be exhibited at Crane Brothers in High St in association with Melanie Roger Gallery and Heart of the City from Thursday 30th March - Monday 2nd April 2017.

Emma Fitts’ works are predominantly executed in fabric, a material that she explores both as a subject in its own right, while also utilising it to express ideas about local history and feminism. Inspired by the legacy of such figures as Francis Hodgkins, Olivia Spencer Bower and Edith Collier, Fitts often deconstructs and reinterprets clothing patterns to create abstract forms.

The two works exhibited at Crane Brothers, ‘Autumn’ and ‘Winter’ from the ‘Seasons Series’, were made in collaboration with Auckland painter Kirstin Carlin. These pieces were commissioned by the Auckland Art Gallery for the exhibition ‘Necessary Distraction’ in 2015 and include screen printed imagery of Carlin’s painting - a small selection of which will be exhibited alongside Fitts' work.

An in-store event sponsored by Peroni, will be held on the evening of Friday 31st March between 5pm-7pm at Crane Brothers, 2-4 High Street, Auckland.

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