Autumn Ideas

With Daylight Savings ending this weekend and Easter upon us, autumn is nearly here. 

There is nothing like a change in the temperature to make you think about new clothes and we have recently received our first delivery of new Winter Tailoring as well as a fantastic selection of new cloth, including some lovely lightweight flannels.

The shots featured in this post were taken in our tailors workroom and feature a very nice 3 piece suit in a Drago Flannel. Our workroom has its very own tumblr site and is a great place to visit for inspiration

We have also started posting daily looks on our look book. Click Here to read about what we are doing with that. 

Change of season is the perfect time to get your lighter weight suits valeted and pressed before you store them over the colder months.

It is also a good time to dig out your heavier weight garments and try them on for size. 

Fashion and Waistlines change so in addition to making sure that your trousers still fit there are some small things that you can do to upgrade existing garments.

Here are some of the things we have been doing for our clients: 

1. Slim down your trousers, shorten them or add a cuff for a more contemporary feel. Maybe add brace buttons so you can wear braces.

2. Change the buttons on your suit: an easy way to freshen it up.

3. Add a waistcoat: a 3 piece suit gives you a myriad of new options and is a relatively inexpensive way to improve your tailored options.

4. Remodel a Suit Coat: If the trousers are dead it could pay to look at what can be done to your Suit Coat to see if it can be transformed into a Blazer. 

5. Add an arm patch, once again a great way to add a new lease of life.

All these things we can gladly help with. We realise that it takes time to build up a good wardrobe and that it is a significant investment so keeping all of your suits active is important.

Buying a good quality suit means that you can rely on cloth staying in stock longer for that extra trouser and waistcoat well after your initial purchase, which we believe, is important.

Made to Measure lets us future proof the garments even further by allowing for greater amounts on our inlays and even saving a piece of the cloth for repairs and alterations should it be needed.

In most instances this inlay ( or seam) allowance means we can let the trouser and coat out by almost an entire size or vice versa.

Plus by having our own Workroom we can offer the added assurance that the tailors who work on your garments are the same people who were responsible for finishing it in the first instance. 



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