At The Alter

One of the great things about having our own tailoring workshop is that we can oversee every alteration, tweak and adjustment that we do.

We are not sending it out to a third party and in many instances the person that works on your garment, once you've selected it, will be the same person who had a hand in making it.

This work keeps our staff of five pretty busy perched three floors up, less than 39 steps (for a man of average height) from the store.

On any given day they will work on up to 16 suits; sewing on as many as 192 horn buttons (by hand) as well as 32 cuff miters, 16 blind hems (2 per trouser) and an array of other procedures including front balance, front drape and sleeve pitch through to what we normally refer to as 'open heart surgery' - when a coat is pulled apart to be remade for a client who has had severe weight loss.

They also perform minor miracles on damaged garments, replace buttons, valet coats and facilitate (when needed) invisible mending.

It's a bit like dissecting a frog, by seeing how it all works you know how it all goes together and once you've pulled apart a suit coat a few hundred times you know about all the bits of canvas, horse hair, tape, thread and cloth that go into making it. The same can't be said for the frog.

This really is the heart of Crane Brothers and because we touch everything we make everybody in the company has an intimate knowledge of how the garments are made

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