Art ( Fair In Love And War )

Art is very subjective, something I love others may hate.

On a regular basis my Art Friend becomes Foe as we discuss the merits of certain works.

For that reason the Art Fair becomes a visual mine field of wrong turns and potential flash points with midnight liasons debating the merit of certain work, hangs and gallerys. Normally followed by a download that involves inane soap operas, just to recalibrate the senses.

Although I love having conversations about how well hung things are at 1.00 am it can go badly wrong if too much attention is paid to a rival gallery or work.

My loyalty is undying and I can honestly say hand on heart that Art Friend had one of the best stands. She does hang well.

However at the risk of seperate beds, cancelled coffee dates and lost laundry here are my picks from the Art Fair:  

I am not a reviewer so click on the relative artists and it will take you the resepctive galleries and review.

Joe Sheehan

Michael Parekowhai

Richard Orjis

Laurence Aberhart

Rebecca Baumann



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