Here at Crane Brothers, we are committed to doing business in a sustainable and responsible way.

We focus on well-made tailoring that is designed to last. That’s why we reject the wasteful approach to fast fashion.

We value the people who work for us and that's why we ensure that our suppliers and partners provide a fair and safe environment. We manufacture in Italy for these reasons.

We care about the environment and are always working towards reducing our impact, by making environmentally friendly choices.

Packaging — we will continue to replace all existing packaging with recyclable alternatives by April 2020.

By design, our tailored garments have a large seam allowance, allowing you to resize your garment throughout its life.

We employ the full-time equivalent of 15 staff: Everyone is paid the living wage.

With a recycling and waste management procedure, Crane Brothers have always been committed to long term sustainable business.

All tailored garments are handmade and biodegradable. The average life of a garment is 6 - 10 years.

All shirt cotton is sourced from one supplier: Albini Group

Ethical fibers are sourced from the best suppliers globally

Dry cleaning policy ensures that only Green Dry Cleaners are used.

No polyester or plastics are used in tailored garments.

Garments are all made in Italy.

For more information email me.

Murray Crane