What A Qt

I've stayed in a lot of Sydney Hotels over the years and normally like to stay somewhere nice with my Art Friend. The Hilton is a great default, mainly for its location and pool but with Potts Point becoming home to so many great eateries (Monopole, Apollo) it's a tough choice so I need a good reason to stay in the central city.

New kid on the block QT had been screaming at me (literally and visually) for the last six months as being worth a try and I (we) weren't disappointed.

It is located in the Gowings building, a Sydney landmark and now the name for the very good bar and grill located on the Mezzanine floor.

There are lots of reviews on line including one from Conde Nast Traveller so I won't bother you with a drawn out report. Here are my observations.

The staff look good but come with a decent dose of attitude, lots of foreigners. Visit in the next six months before things start slipping if you get my drift.

Signage is minimal, it's easy to miss but the lifts are entertaining.

The decor is over the top but somehow it works. Barber is a nice touch, many a hipster will come here to die.

Beds are very comfortable and big, you could easily fit three and I suspect that happens quite a bit, the place oozes all types of sex appeal. 

Movies are free on demand, the porn is ironic and dated but the bathrooms are nice and modern with good water pressure and high quality fittings. Dirty and clean all in one.

Mini Bar is well stocked and even includes pick up sticks and an emergency bow tie.

Given its history as a Menswear institution in Sydney (Walk through no one asked to buy) this building has always had a place in my heart.

As a 200-room boutique hotel it's one of Sydney’s best.


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