Tokyo Musings

The average age of a Taxi Driver in Tokyo is nudging 60 but they drive like ninjas and road rage doesn't exist. I havent heard a horn blown in anger. 

Not bad in a city of 13 million.

Other things I have learnt this week:

The elderly are active, healthy, respected members of society

The food and shopping is better than you've heard

There is very little litter yet hardly any rubbish bins

There is no gum on the pavement

There are no fat people (slight generalisation as they do have Sumo and tourists)

There are very few homeless and no beggars

No one wears cycle helmets

Everyone is polite and accommodating (everyone)

It is only 11 hours on a plane from New Zealand

Japanese is much harder to fake than French

Drinking Sake when jet lagged can only end badly

I will be back soon, I have a taste for it now.


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