Times The Charm - John Lobb

John Lobb is one of my favourite brands and I love this hand-drawn film they have produced for their 2015 collection.

It is set in an urban landscape of London, displayed in a new, refreshing way, covering Portobello Road market, East London's bustling riverside, Primrose Hill, a pun-packed art gallery, a Beatles-esque psychedelic interlude and a fish and chip shop (inevitably called The Sole Plaice), while displaying a wide range of Johh Lobb's signature shoes.

From the Jodhpur II to the William II taking in the Wareham, the Livonia and the Yardley....the shoes appearing 'as themselves' only once -- in the end frame.

The film's title Time's The Charm is taken from an old English phrase 'Third time's the charm'.

In the world of slower luxury we know that time is precious and, in this sense, the charm of John Lobb.

The shoes take a long time to make and the pleasure is derived over the time of wearing them.

The soundtrack Keep In The Dark was provided by Temples -- a band hailing from the same county as John Lobb's factory, Northamptonshire.

Times The Charm - John Lobb | Dispatch