The Hobbit

We have been extremely busy with the Hobbit Premiere.

It's great to have had such enthusiastic support from all the cast, crew and management over the past few years and to be able to be a part of the day as they all celebrate their achievement. They really are an outstanding bunch of people who have worked bloody hard to produce this movie.

Next week there will be in excess of 30 Crane Brothers suits (excluding my own) on the Red Carpet and in the coming weeks they will be appearing in one shape or form at most of the global premieres.

All of the major mills we work with will be represented: Reid and Taylor, Holland and Sherry, John Foster, Barberis, Escorial and Scabal to name but a few with Tuxedoes, Lounge Suits, Double Breasted Coats, Waist Coats, Suspenders and Bow Ties in every imaginable texture, color and hue. 

It should be a day of sartorial splendor.

As a hairy and slightly oversized footnote I would like to add that no animals were harmed in the making of any of these garments. 


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