Tee Shit

I have to say that I hate the NZ Music Month tee shirts with a passion.

What was possibly a good idea (once) 10 years ago now seems tired, out dated, lazy, myopic and completely disconnected from its audience.

Let’s devote a whole month to celebrating the breadth and depth of New Zealand musical talent BUT use crap creative ideas and graphic design, poor social media and self promotion, terrible web design and attempt to make it as unfashionable as possible.

Why are we not embracing other young, struggling, un-appreciated artists, designers and thinkers and getting them to collaborate on tee shirts, web media and advertising? Make the month and the products used to promote it desirable and coveted.

I don’t see David Dallas or Lawrence Arabia sporting the product or a Ruban Nielson designed print. Is that what it needs? I think it could be.

The only saving grace is that this year they’ve limited it to 1500 units. Less chance of it popping up on Crime Watch, Neighbors at War or the ITM Fishing Show I suppose.

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