Shoe Shine Tuesdays

At Crane Brothers, we are constantly lamenting the lack of red-blooded, masculine-type pursuits and pastimes that were once seen as a normal part of a man’s life. Things like whittling, shooting, drinking whiskey at work and calling women dames or broads or, in my case, Art Friends.

One particular thing that we have bitched and moaned about a lot is the lack of a good shoeshine in Auckland. They are scarcer than cutthroat razor shaves and meatball shops and we thought that with a global recession there might have been more people plying their trade to make ends meet but we were sadly mistaken. It seems that it is easier to wash windscreens.

So from now on, every Tuesday we are offering a complimentary shoeshine for customers, friends and first time visitors in our stores.

The service will be available from 12.00 – 2.00 every Tuesday.

There is no excuse for not having shiny shoes. We are hoping to make it a regular thing and make it available on more than just a Tuesday.

Email us at by clicking here to get more information.

Shoe Shine Tuesdays | Dispatch