Service Station Rant

Filling my car up with petrol is one of those chores that I hate doing. I invariably leave it till the reserve light is screaming at me.

This morning as I pulled into a Mobil "On the Run" I took the time to reflect on why I hated Service Stations so much as I stood in a queue full of morons buying $10.00 worth of gas (with coins) ordering food / coffee / pre pay cards and an Up & Go with a V chaser.

In a nutshell here are some of the reasons:

1. They don't provide any service (at all).

2. They treat you like a criminal with their pre pay policing.

3. They never have enough staff on.

4. The staff are always trying to sell you something you don’t need like 2 Kit Kats for $4.00.

5. They are full of people who think they are a supermarket or a dairy or worse a Cafe. I just want to buy my petrol!

6. Why do people buy $10.00 worth of gas?

7. They smell funny: A cross between Subway and dank urine.

8. Why would you buy coffee and a pastry here? It seems stale and overpriced.

9. How many types of energy drink do you need to sell?

10. I am paying with a company credit card of course I want a GST receipt.

11. I will have a nice day, but its no thanks to you.

12. No I don't need any kindling, fish bait, counterfeit toys or flavoured condoms.

I could go on but:

I have drawn the conclusion that Service Stations are a true reflection of our modern society and I don’t really like what I see.

We live in a country where bad service is expected and our tolerance and acceptance makes it seem OK.

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