We had a great time last night, it was good to see so many of our customers and friends.

Unfortunately there was a whole lot of people who couldn't make it, got delayed at work or didn't get their invite but we had a great crowd and the store was very full.

If we could have invited everyone we would.

Here are some shots from the evening.

Last century, when we had our opening party someone locked themselves in the toilet ( and fell asleep), noise control were called and everyone stood outside smoking.

People stayed late where as now they leave early to relieve their babysitter. 

Last night was a lot more civilised but just as much fun ( and no smokers ).

Thanks to Moet Hennessy and Hallertau for supplying the alcohol, Roxy for the food and great wait staff, Gerolsteiner for the water and Gingerella for the Ginger Beer.

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