Only The Lonely

It isn't often that I have a legitimate reason to visit a lingerie store.

I do however like to check out new retail store design any chance I get so this weekend I visited the new Lonely Lingerie store that has recently opened in Ponsonby.

The store is small and perfectly formed; featuring a nice blend of sand blasted marble and hand rendered concrete paired with a beautiful whitewashed and fragrant oak parquet floor.

It is very obvious that designer Rufus Knight has pondered every aspect of the shop and the retail experience has been expertly thought out and designed. The experience is intimate.

If I think of some of the great stores I have visited around the world such as the Prada store in Aoyama, the Visvim store in Hong Kong or an Aesop store in New York, Osaka or London, this is easily of the same standard.

I am really excited by this store, it is a real benchmark in New Zealand retail design.

Image credit: Simon Wilson and Amelia Holmes 

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