New Digs

If you have been getting Cabin fever with all the wet weather we have been having maybe this is a bit more your style:

The family of Iris Origo is selling Palazzo Orsini, in the center of Rome for an estimated 26 million pounds. It needs a bit of work though, some of the stone work looks a little old, ancient even.

The 11,000 square foot palace includes frescoed staterooms, a ballroom, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a library, a dining room, a terrace, a separate penthouse and cellars.

“The building, with a garden full of fountains and orange trees, is built on top of the still-standing stone and marble shell of the 1st century BC Theatre of Marcellus, which resembles a mini Colosseum”.

Apparently the rooms are very grand but the rest of the property is “very homely and liveable."

"The cellars extend right down into the ancient Roman arches," it would be an amazing place for wine tastings." or a Dungeon perhaps.


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