Milk (And The Price Of It) Rant

Am I the only one over the constant bitching and moaning about the price of milk?

Is this really a political issue and did the media really need to make the price of cheese one of it's top stories in 2011 as opposed to child abuse (for instance).

If something is too expensive you buy less and consume less.

Do people who live in oil producing nations complain that their petrol isn't cheaper?

Do residents of mineral rich countries say that their iPhone should be cheaper because the precious metals mined to produce it came from their land?

We live in a free market economy, thats why you can buy DVD's and books cheaper online from sites like Amazon and why when you go to Fiji on a holiday your money is worth more.

We should be embracing Fonterra and their success not demonising them.

Grow up, drink less milk (we drink too much anyway) and eat less ice cream and cheese.

You'll lose weight and be less congested so there is a flipside to your supposed hardship.

Stop whinging; drink water.


Milk (And The Price Of It) Rant | Dispatch