Luc Wiesman: Melbourne Cup Day


We caught up with Luc Wiesman from D'Marge yesterday at the Melbourne Cup to chat about suits and other stuff.


We worked with Luc on his Cup Day outfit this year


CB Tell us what you do in 50 words or less.

LW I run what’s now one of the largest independent men’s online publications in Australia called D’Marge. I started it about 4 years ago as a hobby and it took off. So I quit my full-time job and moved to Sydney. It’s predominantly about teaching guys what’s cool, what to wear and how to be a Magnificent Bastard.


CB Why is Sydney the best city in Australia for a publication like yours to operate from?

LW We found the travel back and forth to Melbourne was a bit of a killer plus 95% of our client relationships were in Sydney too. Plus I had spent my whole life in Melbourne and was kinda over it there. Time for a change. A change which has seen the business grow 400% in six months. We find there’s lots of events and other cool things happening in Sydney too which is great for a brand like D’Marge. Plus Crane Brothers is there too. Which is a bonus. ;)


CB What makes a men's lifestyle publication an unmissable read for the connoisseurs out there?

LW Honestly. I’m a serious mistake maker and I love the fact blokes are not perfect (far from it). We want our readers to have a laugh and feel like they are part of our crew. Almost like they are part of an inside joke or something whilst being informative and insightful.


CB You've chosen a Crane Brothers' Su Misura for Melbourne Cup Day. Tell us your favourite aspects of your tailoring.

LW For me, it’s a fabric. I’m at the point in my suit wearing life where I need to have something special on me and know nobody else is wearing the same thing. The cloth for that suit is incredible. It’s a blue check with greens and purples in it.The cut of the suit is something new for me. Pleats and a three button (rolled 3rd button). Overall it’s super cool and perfect for Melbourne Cup Day. Let’s hope I back a winner in it too!


Luke chose:


Tie by Fumagalli.

Hank by Drake's of London.

Suit by Crane Brothers Su Misura using Ariston Four Seasons cloth.

Shirt by Crane Brothers using Thomas Mason cloth.




2pc suit by CB Su Misura Italian shirt
Luc Wiesman: Melbourne Cup Day | Dispatch