Jaguar: Actual Reality

The clever guys at Jaguar New Zealand created an awesome experience at Big Boys Toys last weekend as they gave passengers an amazing F-TYPE virtual reality experience.

Despite virtual reality technology continuing to advance in leaps and bounds, Jaguar proved that technology still can’t replicate the acceleration, speed and thrill of actually experiencing an F-TYPE. In a world first, a select group of lucky passengers thought that they were getting a virtual Jaguar F–TYPE drive experience in a Jaguar simulator that would replicate the power of the ultimate sports car. I have had the opportunity to experience this car first hand and it is an incredible car.

With the Jaguar F-TYPE mounted on what appeared to be a hydraulic platform, the passengers were fitted with custom headsets and experienced what they believed was an incredibly realistic, simulated test drive. They felt G-forces and elevation changes from what they thought was the hydraulic platform making this seemingly virtual experience feel incredibly life-like. 

What they didn’t know was that the cornering, precision and acceleration they felt was from experiencing a real track drive in an F-TYPE S, the first and only manual S model in the country, driven by a Jaguar Precision Driver. As soon as their headsets were on, the driver took his seat and drove off the platform to take the passengers on the ‘virtual’ ride of their lives. 

When the passengers realised they’d literally been ‘taken for a ride’ in the ultimate sports car, their reaction was priceless.


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