Is This You Or Someone You Know

With everything that is going on at the moment we are looking for some new people to join our team.

We need another person to join the High Street store full time and are also currently looking for the most coveted and loathed position: Personal Assistant to Me.

Much has been said about my recruitment requirements: Help Wanted Advert

In addition to these strange qualities I feel that I now have a much better idea of the kind of person I need:

Run through this quick checklist and answer; if you score more than 50% send me an email.

1. How many pieces of Lego are there in the Death Star.

2. What are best Black or Blue pens?

3. Who is your favorite contemporary New Zealand Artist.

4. Can you drive a stick shift?

5. Have you ever assisted in any form of birth?

6. Do you know where to find interesting lunches or have a good understanding of the intricacies of takeaway sushi?

7. Are you good at getting your own way and negotiating better seats on international flights?

8. Can you cradle a phone in your ear, write and read an email all at once.

9. Do you understand the importance of things "matching".

10. Are you easily offended?

11. Do you smoke, drink excessively or own a pocket knife?

12. Are you psychic?

13. Do you hate tapping, inane whistling or other annoying habits?

14. Are you superstitious? (Hint: this question was added in to make the number of questions greater than 13, which of course is unlucky).

It would also help if you like working in Fashion, Design, Marketing, Travel and working with International Media and Press and had the same disdain towards people who tap a lot that I do.

I would put my email address up but if you are resourceful you will work out how to get in contact with me.

For Legal reasons: I don't care what sex or age you are and I need someone last week.

Is This You Or Someone You Know | Dispatch