I Am

Aaron is a good gentile name, the brother of Moses, and this week probably hoping for a miracle that didn't happen.

Aaron Gilmore made a dickhead of himself, ironically in Hanmer, home of many a high profile media detox.

What I find amazing is the way that this has been covered in the media and more importantly handled by our politicians, the people we voted to run our country.

This week former Prime Minister Helen Clark spoke of another politician Horomia Parekura as being a "man of the people" someone who understood how normal people thought and acted. 

I agree that this was his greatest strength and that as representatives of us all politicians need to be connected to the people, all the great ones are or were.

So how can we eulogize one man and vilify another for what is basically the same thing?

New Zealanders go out for dinner on a Saturday Night and order an extra drink, get pissed, be rude, say things we regret, go to strip bars, pull the finger at bad drivers, eat bad food, smoke, watch porn, smack their kids, have affairs and break the law. 

Less than a generation ago it was illegal to be homosexual and now gay marriage is legal, so progress can be made, which begs the question;

How are our politicians supposed to represent us properly if they don't live the same lives we do? 



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