Holiday Valet

This time of year is the perfect time to drop off your suits to us for a valet.

It's easy to put this work off whilst you are working but small repair jobs should always be attended to as they occur. The holiday season is the perfect time to attend to these things. 

Like wise proper hanging and storage of Winter garments that will be put away for the next few months. It is good to have these dry cleaned or pressed before storage. 

Our tailors can perform miracles on Coats including sleeve replacements, body relines and even re models to older garments. In addition smaller jobs like re hemming, button replacements and belt loop repairs can be done. On our own suits many of these smaller jobs are complimentary.

The biggest factor is time and with Winter garments that are non urgent they can be left with us to be worked on over the summer months or Suits can be valeted in time for your return to work.

One other thing we see a lot at this time of year is problems caused by moisture and humidity.

Please make sure that when you store your suits away that they have adequate ventilation as you don't want them going mouldy. Take them out of their suit bags ( especially the heavier acrylic ones) so that they can breath. Natural fibres like wool carry a lot of moisture. 

The same applies to your leather shoes, Cedar shoe trees are best for removing excess moisture and should be used whenever the shoes aren't being worn. 

The images used for this post were shot by staff member Matt Choi and are from our Workroom Tumblr:

Holiday Valet | Dispatch