Here we go again...

Here we go again; I never feel a great deal of sentiment for the New Year. I think that working in fashion has made me disrespect the season I am in.

As I work more and more across multiple time zones and the digital world I seem to have lost complete respect for the moment I am in. If I was to make any attempt at a resolution it would be to embrace the moment.

Unfortunately, that doesn't look like happening anytime soon and once again I find myself thinking about the future.

This year is looking very busy. The highlights will be the opening of our Christchurch store in February. We are also moving our offices and tailors atelier to a new (old) building and have a new website launching. All before Easter. 

Creatively we have been working on a wonderful new campaign for Autumn Winter release and most importantly continue to work closely with our clutch of great Italian Factories defining and refining the Crane Brothers products. 

We are starting to see a real return on heavy investment in our Made in Italy lines, the culmination of nearly 6 years work. Personally, I feel that our product has never looked so good.

I am glad that we have stuck to our guns and not moved to Made in China or compromised on our quality.

We are definitely the minority and it's a proposal that not everyone understands, but it was never my intention to appeal to everyone.







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