We are getting a lot of enquiries for new Winter suits and one cloth we are being asked for a lot is Flannel.

It is easy to understand why I love wool flannel. It never looks too slick even when it’s patterned.

In addition to looking great  it’s also incredibly comfortable. The problem with it, however, can be that it often doesn’t wear that well and can be too hot for our Winters.  

The trick is to buy worsted flannels and not woolens. Worsted and woolens are the two major classes of wool fabrics.

Worsteds are made from tightly woven long strands of combed-out wool, while woolens are typically made from shorter ones.

The difference between the two is that worsteds are smoother in texture and appearance, and feel bit crisper in the hand.

Woolens, on the other hand, are generally softer and spongier, and feel a bit loftier.

Flannel can come in both forms.

If you select worsted flannel it will feel less lofty and it will also perform much better


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