E Is For Etiquette

In the last few days I have managed to do some incredibly dumb things with email and social media.

Although I have grasped the concept I am a little slow on the delivery at times. Juggling multiple platforms can be taxing but posting an image on someone else’s Facebook Page by accident is pretty stupid. To add to that I sent an email out today to a group of recipients and didn't blind carbon copy them. It also took me nearly an hour to work out how to post a video the other day.

I have had some real clangers over the years with email and texting.

I continually struggle with remembering passwords to any number of websites I need to visit on a daily basis and have taken to writing them down in a diary, which seems very counterintuitive as well as stupid.

The only thing working in my favour would be that if my desktop were ever hacked the culprit wouldn’t be able to find anything anyway. I may need to re sit my email exams and do some extra curricular papers in Social Media: Oh that’s right I never sat those in the first place.

My son has his own network on You Tube, regularly posts edited movies has 2 blogs and surfs the Internet with ease (he is 10).

I suffer from being of that age where everything to do with technology has to be learnt and nothing is instinctive.

I sat my driver’s licence in a manual car. I remember when calculators were invented and chips didn’t come in individual packets.

It used to be that all you had to worry about was booking your Yellow Pages advert and making sure there were no typos. Now there is social media strategy, Web page content, tweets, analytics, likes, dislikes, Vimeo, You Tube, Apps, Hoot Suite and follow ups, flagged emails, deleted emails that you need to find again. Did I reply? Didn’t I reply? Should I reply?

Sometimes I wish we still had Filofaxes. It seemed so much easier.

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