Dressing For Your Day

Dressing for your Day is an exciting proposition; we love the idea of more diversity in our working wardrobes and the opportunity to express our personal style.

For many of us, there is a challenge associated with the move away from the dependability and relative ease of pairing a suit with a shirt and possibly a tie.

So how do we make the correct decisions that allow us to maintain our own personal brand and remain professional?

After all first impressions still, count.

Here is what we are developing to assist you in managing DFYD, we can assist you in creating a total look or with reinterpreting your existing wardrobe.

Soft Tailoring - Removing heavy canvas creates a softer profile. Minimal shoulder pads, floating canvas, patch pockets, unlined & half lined construction create Blazers and Coats perfect for Business Casual look.

Colour - Pattern - Texture - All the things we love. An opportunity to introduce seasonal colour and play with more texture is possible via our comprehensive cloth offer.

Shirts fit for purpose - Washed Oxfords, Cotton Jersey, Denim and Chambray all have their roots firmly in the Blue Collar camp but work well in a modern day office environment.

Trousers that work on their own - Redefining the way a trouser works in your wardrobe is key. Our Chinos, Five Pocket, and Custom Denim offer strong solutions. Add a side adjuster or cuff for a redefined look.

Shoes anchor the look - Hybrid Sneakers in Suede or Leather are the perfect way to keep in step.

Practicing what we preach - We’ve relaxed our own Crane Brothers wardrobe policy to reflect the changes.

Quality garments that fit you properly will always stand the test of time.

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