Danelle Bohane

Danelle Bohane is an award winning wedding photographer; she won Junebug’s Best of the Best award for 2015 and was name checked by Rangefinder Magazine as one of the 30 Rising Stars of 2015 wedding photography. She has over twenty thousand instagram followers and recently shot Hollywood A lister Josh Brolin’s wedding. Her work can be seen in the latest copy of Together Journal where she photographed the big day of Pip and Jake, the groom wearing a Crane Brothers double breasted tuxedo.

We asked her a few questions about what inspires her breathtakingly romantic wedding pictures.

How did you get into wedding photography?

I think for most wedding photographers the inevitable happens and a friend asks you to photograph a wedding and you soon realise if you love it or despise it, and for me I couldn't deny how enjoyable it was to be a part of capturing incredible candid moments that are filled with so much emotion.

You use quite a few different skills in your work, there is reportage, still life, travel shots as well as the more posed Bride and Groom portraits - what do you enjoy the most?

I think the reason I got into wedding photography is because I have always had such a love for photojournalism. I am really passionate about creating a visual story for my couples so if I had to pick one skill it would be the reportage of a wedding I enjoy the most.

Is there a recent menswear trend you have been noticing on grooms?

For me I have seen lots of trends through the last 6 years of shooting weddings (like floral ties and coloured socks) A trend I have seen that I really love, and my husband also had this on his wedding day, was a small brooch on the lapel of the suit rather than corsage/buttonhole. It is understated and a refreshing change to a white rose.

What advice would you give to brides and grooms to ensure beautiful photos?

I would say plan out the timeline of your day with your photographer to ensure you are shooting in the best light possible and also allowing appropriate amounts of time to specific events throughout your day so you aren't feeling rushed off your feet.

Where do you think is the ultimate wedding location?

For me I love being amongst the mountains so that is where I think would be the most ultimate location. I also think places that are not your typical wedding venue works best for a unique look and experience. I love how people now feel they can think outside of the box when it comes to a 'wedding'


1.This gorgeous lady was the mother of the bride and unfortunately broke her foot before the wedding, but she rocked those crutches and had a matching bright red cast to go with her fabulous dress

2. Signing of the register!

3. I love to focus of other details then just faces on a wedding day because it adds other layers to the story.

4. I always make sure when it comes to photographing bridal party portraits that I am getting candid images of people enjoying their company with a champagne to celebrate!

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