D Day Hero 2

The D Day commemorations have highlighted the bravery of thousands of men who went to war for their country.

It is only fair that we don't forget them and the 70th anniversary has once again highlighted their bravery and commitment.

Last week I wrote about the exploits of Jock Hutton the octogenarian who jumped out of a plane.

Bernard Jordan is just as old and just as resourceful having escaped his rest home to attend festivities.

Originally told he couldn't go he refused to give in to the setback and decided he would instead get himself to Normandy – but left staff at his rest home worried sick after slipping out without telling anyone.

He returned to the home a hero and his resilience has left so many people around the globe impressed that thousands are now planning to send him a birthday card for when he turns 90 later this week.

These are men from a generation that lied about their age to be able to fight; it seems little has changed in 70 years.

Cunning old bugger.

D Day Hero 2 | Dispatch