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Here is something, written by a customer. I couldn't attempt to explain what we do any better than this.

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Here's a little photo that represents the latest chapter in what has become a remarkable story of customer service for me.

A few years ago we came back from a few months shooting in Italy/Scotland/NYC and (after completely destroying a few blazers on various shoots around the world that summer) I went straight to a highly recommended tailor in Auckland to have a jacket made. Alongside phrases like "must survive falling in a swamp", "must stand-up to being caught in a downpour", "must survive the heat/sweat of a NYC summer", and "mustn't look out of place in Milano" was also the phrase "price doesn't matter". But because I'm a scruffy looking mofo with an enormous beard and a penchant for wearing dirty triple denim and a beanie, I couldn't find anyone who'd even give me the time of day - regardless of price.

Feeling pretty blah, I walked into Crane Bros. (which I had saved for last because, to be honest, I found it pretty intimidating). I was immediately treated with the most incredible respect, called by name, listened to, given the best advice, and had an incredibly genuine interest shown in me and what I did for a living (despite the fact that I looked WILDLY different from everyone else in there). They made me one hell of a fantastic jacket, it cost a fortune, and it's travelled with me around the world from shoot to shoot for a few years now. I treasure it far beyond what I paid for it because of how those fine gentlemen continue to treat me.

I've taken that jacket back to them covered in molten wax (3 times) and they've brought it back to life. I've taken it in to them when it's been crushed in a soaked suitcase for a 40 hour flying marathon and they've given it back to me 24 hours later perfect. Naturally, when I got married I went to Crane Bros, they called me by name and they made me feel ridiculously valued and special - and those fine gents styled me wonderfully for my wedding day from head to toe. I could go on and on.

So what's the pic about? On a shoot in North Carolina a week or so ago I smashed a button on my favourite Crane Bros blazer with a tripod. On the way to the airport I emailed them to see if they had any tips for getting the button replaced in NYC. This morning the buzzer rings at our NYC apartment with a Fed-Ex package of Crane Bros buttons that match the ones on my old faithful blazer...

Take note world, this is how it's done.


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