Copenhagen - Denmark

Copenhagen is one of those cities; Everyone tells you how amazing it is but very few people have actually backed that up with a visit. It may have something to do with the relative isolation of this small country that sits somewhat outside the European Union, so I was pleased to learn that Cathay Pacific launched seasonal service to Copenhagen in May, making it very accessible with just two flights and one stop in Hong Kong.


The seasonal route closed in October but I was lucky enough to enjoy it and I got to spend a week in this small and perfectly formed city. I have been travelling to Europe on a regular consistent basis over the last 30 years wearing a well- worn path between Milan, London and Paris. These are all cities I love.


What I wasn’t prepared for was the modern and fresh thinking that I encountered in Copenhagen. In particular outstanding hospitality and retail scene.


The city itself functions at an incredibly high level with an amazing public transport system, great cycling and no Uber. Denmark has amongst the highest taxes in the world but you can see where the money is spent with amazing public spaces, almost zero waste, low crime and minimal vagrancy.


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