Christmas Ideas #2

I am a snob, I admit it.

Here is a list of some my most hated Christmas Gift ideas. This year I am focussing on Kiwiana.

So in no particular order (they are all as bad as each other):

1. Jandals with culturally insensitive designs on them. These ones are particularly vile. 

2. A knitted Christmas decoration incorporating that often-pillaged icon the Marmite Jar. Almost kitsch enough - almost. 

3. A chocolate fish key ring: funny once. 

4. Bus blinds: when did these become so coveted? Visual polluition and a wasted wall. 

5. A clock made out of a stamp. Where do I start - wrong on so many levels. 

6. A cutout acrilyc tui. Poke my eyes out with a blunt stick.

7. Anything with Pukeko's on it. Puke more like.

8. Tiki Art block. The canvas may be stretched, so is the use of the word 'art'.

That's it, I can't go on.

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