Christchurch City Gallery

I had the oppurtunity to read my copy of Bulletin today.

For those of you unfamiliar with this publication it is published by the Christchurch City Gallery and like most things they do it is done with a level of professionalism and polish that seems to be sadly lacking from other institutions that shall remain anonymous.

Jenny Harper is a great Director who has made the most of adversity and embraced the challenges the gallery faces by developing some really exciting initiatives.

The Bulletin is a well produced magazine and their website is streets ahead of any other institution; try out the "My Gallery" function if you haven't already.

They have a new publication on Shane Cotton titled Hanging Skys about to launch and the magazine features a great interview with David Kilgour from The Clean.

Even with the gallery closed there is a desire to continue to showcase contemporary New Zealand artists with inventive and exciting shows.

Buy the magazine and the book, support this great gallery whilst they are down because they are definitely not out.

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