Canvas Not Bonded

I finally got to see Skyfall last night. I thought the movie was good but want to talk about the suits.

Daniel Craig's look is very "manufactured". I feel like the wardrobe designers had such a great history to draw from and they didn't know when to stop.

In my humble opinion the Bond look at its best should always be about classic British tailoring, like a classic ( British made) Aston Martin as opposed to say a BMW. 

 Tom Ford ( or rather Zegna) make very nice suits but they leave you feeling hollow in the same way I imagine a date with a supermodel feels: everything looks nice but it lacks any real substance. 

On the other hand Timothy Everest nails it with Ralph Fiennes. The suits feel modern but draw from the greatest of English Tailoring tradition. Dapper 3 pieces with side adjusters and high waisted trousers feel credible and timeless.

Timothy Everest, a Welshman who trained under the legendary Tommy Nutter and has an atelier in the Spitalfields part of London is a lovely chap. I spent an afternoon with him some years back drinking tea, discussing cloth and wandering around the neighbourhood as he pointed out where the Kray brothers hung out.

He lives and breathes Royal Britannia every day and would have made a fantastic choice for James Bond himself. I can't help but feel that Tom Ford is a fly by night sensing a marketing opportunity and chance for some good product placement.

With the current reivival of Brioni it will be interesting to see if Tom makes the cut for the next film. 


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