Americas Cup

Why do we continue to be obsessed with competing in the Americas Cup?

Investing millions of dollars of taxpayers money in an elite competition staged on the other side of the world that provides very little long term benefit to us.

I get that as a nation we have a love of the sea and all that floats upon it.

What I don’t understand is why we continue to throw good money after bad to be involved in something we could develop and stage ourselves.

New Zealanders are respected yachties the world over and most serious teams would see a New Zealand Cup as the ultimate challenge.

It seems very short sighted of our Government and Team New Zealand to continue down this course and they need to change tack.

A New Zealand Cup would showcase our country to the world so much more than one boat in a foreign country could ever do.

Everyone in the yachting community knows an Americas Cup without New Zealand is a second rate competition so lets start thinking about how we can stage the worlds premiere yachting competition right here.



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