A Worthy Foil

Congratulations to Team New Zealand. 

I know very little about sailing, having grown up in a small landlocked town on the South Island, but I have followed the racing like most of us have.

For me the defining moment of the entire campaign was Race 8. Down and supposedly out, we persevered and came back for one of the greatest victories ever. If anyone had questioned the team's resolve, this moment would have quietened even the most ardent naysayer.

Somewhere in Peter Burling's subconscious was a life lesson learnt, possibly years ago, telling him that it is never over and more importantly that you never stop trying - exploring the options - testing the wind. So well done to a team that faced enormous adversity, with unfounded embezzlement scandals and a global pandemic ( to name two) and never complained or passed blame but just got on with getting the job done. 

We cannot ask for more than that from anyone.