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Frequently Asked Questions

We've spent a lifetime interested in - and involved with - menswear and tailoring. Helping customers to understand, appreciate and enjoy the details of handmade clothing and accessories is a particular passion at Crane Brothers. Please contact us if you'd like to talk further.


What suits to wear to a wedding?

There are a number of things to consider here. If you wear suits for work you may want to do something that's the complete opposite of what you normally wear, or you may want to take the opportunity to upgrade an old favourite.

Staple colours like Navy and Charcoal are the best options and remeber that if you want to add some interest with pattern or a colour then focus on accessories as they are normally a lower and easier cost to warrant.


Where can I buy a suit for a wedding?

There are a number of things to consider here. If you wear suits for work you may want to do something that's the complete opposite of what you normally wear, or you may want to take the opportunity to upgrade an old favourite.

Staple colours like Navy and Charcoal are the best options and remember that if you want to add some interest with pattern or a colour then focus on accessories as they are normally a lower and easier cost to warrant.


Are expensive suits worth it?

Not always as sometimes you are simply paying for the brand however a suit made from a quality cloth that correctly fits you is worth it as it will last a lot longer, especially if properly cared for.  

What suits to wear to a wedding?

Nothing is set in stone but remember that whatever you decide may affect the dress code for the Wedding. Consider the season and the time of day as well as the venue.

If you are dressing in a Tuxedo then certain conventions will apply otherwise you can choose whatever you want (just remember you need to look at the photos for a long time).


Where can I buy a suit for a wedding?

We would always reccomend working with a specialist store like ourselves.

Special Occassion wear is a specialised field and there are a number of things to consider.

Work with someone who has good personal referrals and reviews that you feel confident will deliver what you want in time. Someone who respects how important your wedding is and works with you on achieving the best possible result.

How long before a wedding should you get your suit?

The more time the better, we reccomend a minimum of 6 - 8  weeks but prefer to work on longer lead times where possible. 

It is an important component of the over all Wedding planning to have locked in, as there are a number of other decisions that may be affected by it.  

How do I choose a wedding suit for my groomsmen?

Think of your self first and then look at how you want your groomsmen to compliment you.

Consider your budget and the make up of your party in terms of size and height.

Consider how you will be distinguished from them.

If you are looking at hire options or a lower quality garment make sure it works for everyone involved.

Is it OK to wear a suit to a wedding?

Yes; unless you have a very specific dress code stating otherwise.

If you are the groom, you call the shots: wear what you are most comfortable in and remember to get sign off form your fiance.

Who should wear matching suits at a wedding?

Just the groomsmen. The groom should be distinctive .

What colour tie should the groom wear?
What colour tie should the groom wear?

This is a small but important part of the grooms outfit. We would reccomend something textured and in a colour that works well with the bridal party colours.

Ivory is a good choice.

What colour suit is best for a wedding?
What colour suit is best for a wedding?

There are a number of things to consider here. If you wear suits for work you may want to do something that's the complete opposite of what you normally wear, or you may want to take the opportunity to upgrade an old favourite. 

Staple colours like Navy and Charcoal are the best options and remeber that if you want to add some interest with pattern or a colour then focus on accessories as they are normally a lower and easier cost to warrant.

What colour tie is appropriate for a wedding?

If you are the groom it should be in keeping with the colours in the bridal party.

If you're a guest it should be sympathetic to the dress code.

If you're father of the bride it should respect your daughters wishes ! 

Garment Care

How shall I care for my shirts ?

1 | Alternate Your Shirts

As with suits, it is always advisable to have more than five shirts in your wardrobe, one for each day of the working week. Never over wear the same shirt, alternate them evenly and you will get a much longer life span. As soon as they start showing signs of wear on the cuff edge and collar then it's time to say goodbye. Don't be too precious.

2 | Take Care When Washing

Wash your shirts on a cool wash temperature. Washing them on a high temperature will make the fabric brittle and eventually rip. Washing will cause shrinkage for the first time, usually no more than 5 per cent if you follow the instructions. Bear this in mind when you make your purchase, make sure you can fit a couple of fingers between the inside collar and your neck.

3 | Avoid Dodgy Detergents

When it comes to the laundering process avoid the use of biological washing detergents as these tend to erode the fabric, and always remove the collarbones before washing.

 4 | Buy Yarn Dyed

Invest in yarn dyed shirts, as these are colour fast, but wash dark colours separately to start with to make sure there is no mass colour loss.

5 | Don't Dry Clean

Try to avoid dry cleaning, if you do dry clean you should wash occasionally to eliminate the dry cleaning fluid. The same goes for starching and tumble-drying, these will both shorten your shirt's lifespan.

6 | Hang Your Shirts

Hang your shirts up as soon as you've washed them. This will help the creases fall out as they dry, and help avoid the mildew that can occur when folding shirts if they're still slightly damp.

7 | Iron Damp

Iron them with plenty of steam, if they happen to be slightly damp then even better as this will result in the cleanest press and prevent the fabric from getting worn out on the face.

8 | Avoid Antiperspirants

The marks you get underarm are from aluminium-based antiperspirants, which will rot the stitching under the arms.  Thus you should use deodorant and not an antiperspirant

9 | Know your colours

Make sure you always have at least two white shirts, two blue and one pink/lilac in your wardrobe. This will give you the foundations to invest in stripes and checks later on.

10 |  Tailored, Not Tight

Avoid wearing anything that's too tight in the body. Like a tailored garment, you must choose a fit that will give you comfort for the 10-12 hours that you will be wearing it. Always choose fine cotton and not a polyester or rayon mix - This causes sweat and irritates the skin.

How should I clean my suit?

A suit is one of the most significant wardrobe investments you will make in your wardrobe. 

Suits should be dry cleaned infrequently ( once every 6 months). 

Regular brushing will remove dust from the fabric surface and reduce “glazing” or shining of the fabric Small stains can be removed by spot cleaning with gentle detergent - dampen the affected area and gently scrub the stain with a clean cloth before rinsing. Baby Wipes are particularly good for this but please consider the environment and dispose of them properly.

Resting your suit after wearing it will minimise odour: try not to wear garments on consecutive days if possible so rotate your suits regularly to avoid excessive wear.  

Can I iron my suit ?

Do not under any circumstances use an iron on your suit - you can consider investing in a steamer or we offer a complimentary pressing service.

Why are good suit hangers important ?
Why are good suit hangers important ?

The shoulder of any well-made coat or jacket is the most intricate and engineered part. It is like the foundation of the garment and given its importance it needs the proper care support.

A sturdy hanger either wooden or synthetic will provide the necessary support and maintain the integrity of the garment. 

What is the best way to hang trousers ?
What is the best way to hang trousers ?

Hang your trousers upside down on a high-quality bar hanger.

The weight of the garment is in the waistband so let gravity do the work.

Just make sure that the creases match. 

Should I keep my suits covered ?

If you are covering your suit use a cotton garment or dust bag and avoid keeping garments covered in plastic film.

Clothing, especially woolen clothing carries a lot of moisture so let it breathe. 

Can I put my shirts in the dryer ?

We recommend line-drying rather than using a tumble dryer.

Not only does this extend the life of your garment, but it’s also kinder on the environment.


What is the best way to store shirts?

Once your shirts have been laundered, steam press them with a quality warm/hot steam iron (cotton has a greater tolerance to heat than synthetics). Polo shirts and sweaters can be folded, this avoids stretch marks from coat hangers.

Button your shirts before you hang them to ensure the collar and sleeves keep their shape.

How shall I care for my Winter Coats ?

Coats don't normally sit next to your body so arent affected as badly by sweat and odour. They do tend to get dirty and wet though, given their protective function. 

Due to their heavier nature, they do require dry-cleaning once a season as well as basic maintenance after each wear: this should include regular brushing and hanging them on a proper hanger.

We recommend Regal Drycleaners for our Auckland clients and can take in drycleaning work via any of our stores.


Casual Dressing

Formal Dressing

What colour suit is best for business?

There are lots of different views on this but ours is that it should be a solid colour in a mid weight transeasonal cloth . Navy is out top pick as it suits most skin tones, always looks professional and can be worn in a variety of different ways. 

Where can I buy a business suit?

We sell an edited selection of business suits Ready to Wear with all the fundamental colors covered. All in our house style. 

What does business suit mean?

A suit that is suitable for your chosen field or profession. 

Can suits be tailored?

Most quality suits can be tailored to a certain degree but you always need to be careful not to do too much as it can compromise the integrity of the garment and greatly reduce the wear.

How much should I pay for a good suit?

A good quality suit in a good cloth will start at between $1695.00 - $1995.00 

What two suits should a man own?

Definitely something dark and versatile like a Navy or Charcoal Grey.

Which men's suits are in style?

The most perennial style is a 2 Button Coat with side vents and a flapped pocket worn with a flat front trouser. There are always trends in men's fashion and suits are a big part of that.

What is the cheapest suit you sell ?

The lowest-priced suit that we currently sell is from our Contemporary collection. It is a super 100's wool available as a 2 pc in Black, Charcoal and Navy. It retails for $995.00 


Do you sell shoes?

Yes. Our footwear program is Made in Italy and is comprehensive.

We offer a formal and informal collection as well as sneakers.

Why use shoe trees ?
Why use shoe trees ?

Shoe Trees significantly increase the lifespan of your shoes.

Made from untreated Cedar Wood, they absorb moisture after a days wear and help to retain the original shape of the shoe. 

What does Goodyear Welted mean ?

A Goodyear welt is a strip of leather that is sewn around the bottom edge of a shoe, attached to both the insole and the upper.

The welt can then be easily unstitched, which thus detaches the sole without damaging the rest of the shoe, meaning it can be replaced time and time again as it is worn down.

What is a Blake stitch ?

For a blake welt, the upper is wrapped around the insole and attached between it and the outsole.

A single stitch attaches everything together. The Pros – Because it is a simpler construction than a Goodyear welt, it is also less expensive.

Can I get my shoes repaired?

Quality shoes can be repaired. We have built up great relationships with some of the country's best shoe repairers.

We can facilitate the repairs on your behalf;  just drop them to one of our stores. 

What is a Blucher ?
What is a Blucher ?

The blucher is similar to a derby: both feature open lacing, in contrast to the Oxford shoe, which uses close lacing, but in the derby, the upper has large quarters with eyelets sewn on top, while in the blucher the upper is made of one cut, with only the small eyelet tabs sewn on top. In American English, these terms are sometimes confused, with "blucher" also being used to refer to derby shoes, and "Oxford" also being used to refer to bluchers.

Made to Measure Tailoring

What does ready to wear mean ?

Ready to wear means what is says: Ready to Wear means it is available to buy and wear immediately ( possibly with some basic tailoring).

What does it mean to get a suit tailored?

Normally this refers to a Ready to Wear Suit and will mean some basic adjustments made to the garment to achieve a better fit. This normally includes the inleg and sleeves and possibly some basic adjustments to the waist. More complex alterations are available and we have our own team of tailors to take care of these.

Can you get a suit tailored bigger?

In most instances yes: Quality suits will have what is called an inlay or seam allowance meaning they can be let out (generally up to 4 cm ) or taken in.


What makes a high quality suit?

Remember the three C’s Cut, Construction and Cloth. If you focus on these three things being of a high quality you cannot go wrong.

General Questions

Can I buy Crane Brothers online?

Yes, you can buy Crane Brothers online. 

Do you offer finance
Do you offer finance

Yes, we have a tailored finance package available.

Finance allows you to take advantage of 6 or 12 months interest-free on all Crane Brothers purchases including made to measure.

Crane Brothers Finance 

Do you tailor other peoples garments
Do you tailor other peoples garments

Crane Brothers have run their own workroom now for 2 decades and have a highly skilled team of tailors and seamstresses. Many of them from The Alteration Shop ( Newmarket) which was purchased by Crane in 2005. 

They can repair and adjust pretty much any garment -Mens or Womans and also facilitate Couture Care and Drycleaning and Shoe Repair Services all with our exclusive network of Suppliers and Artisans.

What are you doing to protect clients during the Lockdown

Our goal is to be able to provide a safe shopping experience.

In order to achieve this, we have created a new protocol for our staff, workroom, offices, showroom and stores.

Healthy Staff:

- We have amended our store opening times to allow staff to commute at times that avoid added congestion and contact. Wherever possible we have arranged alternatives to public transport for our key frontline staff.

- Increased Personal Hygiene including regular cleaning of all store surfaces and contact points. This has been in place for the last two weeks.

Healthy Spaces.

- Complete sterilisation of all common area surfaces throughout the day including eft pos terminals, cabinets, doors and racks.

- Safe Areas created within the store to allow minimum distances are observed 

- Limiting people and staff in-store at any one time to 8 people. 

- By Appointment allows for personal contact with no interruption and means we can trace everyone effectively.

Safe Shopping.

- We are able to arrange delivery and collection if you want to avoid contact.

- If you are a Made to Measure client and we have your fit profile on file we can work remotely to avoid the need to visit. 

- We can visit you at home. 


What is your sustainability policy

Here at Crane Brothers, we are committed to doing business in a sustainable and responsible way.

We focus on well-made tailoring that is designed to last. That’s why we reject the wasteful approach to fast fashion.

We value the people who work for us and that's why we ensure that our suppliers and partners provide a fair and safe environment. We manufacture in Italy for these reasons.

We care about the environment and are always working towards reducing our impact, by making environmentally friendly choices.

Packaging — we will continue to replace all existing packaging with recyclable alternatives by April 2020. 

By design, our tailored garments have a large seam allowance, allowing you to resize your garment throughout its life.

We employ the full-time equivalent of 15 staff: Everyone is paid the living wage.

With a recycling and waste management procedure, Crane Brothers have always been committed to long term sustainable business.

All tailored garments are handmade and biodegradable.

The average life of a garment is 6 - 10 years.

All shirt cotton is sourced from one supplier: Albini Group

Ethical fibres are sourced from the best suppliers globally

Dry cleaning policy ensures that only Green Dry Cleaners are used.

No polyester or plastics are used in tailored garments.

Garments are all made in Italy.