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The irregular mumblings and musings from the desk of Murray Crane.

Garment Maintenance image

Garment Maintenance

March is Maintenance Month at Crane Brothers.

Dressing For Your Day image

Dressing For Your Day

Dressing for your Day is an exciting proposition; we love the idea of more diversity in our working wardrobes and the opportunity to express our personal style.

RNZ Concert image

RNZ Concert

RNZ Concert has a special place in the hearts of many New Zealanders of all ages. Please don’t take it away.

Andrew Brough image

Andrew Brough

Sad to hear of Andrews passing. 

Blind Boy Paxton image

Blind Boy Paxton

Blind Boy Paxton the New York-based, multi-instrument blues artist returns to New Zealand this week for a series of shows across the country. He is playing at the Hollywood Cinema in Avondale this evening - I can't wait.



Ermenergildo Zegna Fabric image

Ermenergildo Zegna Fabric

The Ermenegildo Zegna fabric we use is part of a fully-integrated supply chain. Wool is sourced from Australia and New Zealand and processed in Italy.

Jaguar D Type image

Jaguar D Type

A rare Jaguar D-Type ( the seventh ever made) is under the hammer in Paris this month. 

Back in Black image

Back in Black

It's been too long, it's good to be back.

JPG image


Bravo Jean Paul Gaultier on a stellar career.

Wearing Denim with Tailoring image

Wearing Denim with Tailoring

Denim is an affordable and durable cloth that can work in a myriad of ways. When it is well selected and worn in the right way it adds an extra dimension to any man’s wardrobe.

1917 image


I have always been a sucker for a World War genre film. I love a man in uniform (for purely sartorial reasons), it could be The Great Escape, Dunkirk or Guns of Navarone. I have seen them all countless times.

Pitti Uomo image

Pitti Uomo

Pitti Uomo 97 has just wrapped up in Florence for another season and we had a team there working with our existing network of Artisans and Suppliers. 

Here are some of Johns top observations of what he saw over the course of the week and what trends in men's fashion we can look forward to this Winter. 

Hello, Hello, I'm Back Again image

Hello, Hello, I'm Back Again

Hello, hello, I'm Back Again.

After an indecent amount of time away ( at least by online standards) I am back on the blog. 

Crane Brothers Est 1999 image

Crane Brothers Est 1999

20 years seemed like a long enough time to wait to add the words established in 1999 to our name.

Albini image


Albini is the largest shirting manufacturer in Italy. They were founded in 1876 and went through a period of rapid expansion in the 1990s under Silvio Albini.