Wool Runners

Wool Runners was started with the simple idea of using Wool, a renewable resource with great anti bacterial and anti-odor properties, to make a shoe that could be worn sockless.

The challenge was that wool did not have the necessary rigidity to form a three-dimensional shape. Over the last two years the guys who had the idea (including local product designer Jamie McLellan) have worked on developing what is now a patent pending, world-first fabric, designed specifically to have the strength and structure to make a shoe upper, with the comfort and abrasion resistance to be worn without socks.

They will be the world’s first woolen running shoe that controls odor, regulates temperature, repels water, wicks away moisture, and resists stains and dirt.

They are also currently looking for seed capital via Kick-starter and have a fantastic proposal online.

A pledge of less than $100 USD will make a big contrinubution and you'll recieve a pair of shoes for your trouble. 

Get behind this, it will be massive. 


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