Chapmans Homer

Last weekend my Art Friend and I were in Christchurch for the Gallery Trust 10th Anniversary Dinner.

The evening was splendid with great food, southern hospitality, drag queens playing trumpets and a lack of Aucklanders, celebrities and good bars to go for a night cap. 

The evening also involved some fundraising.

The Gallery Trust under the fantastic guidance of Jenny Harper has its eye firmly fixed on the Michael Parekowhai work "Chapmans Homer" which, in the context of Christchurch and all that has happened there, is a very poignant work. 

First exhibited in Venice it is the last remaining work from that exhibition to find a permanent home.

Michael's efforts didn't stop there. He was also responsible for the table settings and blessed the space and food (in Te Reo).

Quote of the night for me was a landscape architect at our table ( whilst commenting on shrubbery) who proclaimed that; " He wasn't a big fan of natives".

Given the 200 plus turnout and the money raised I would go as far as to say that there are a few fans of Michaels work. 

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