Trunk Trips

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Trunk trips are a tailoring tradition.

We make regular trips to visit our customers in New Zealand and Australia.

We make irregular trips to other destinations including Dubai and London.

We are available for private appointments upon request. 

Secure payment is available online.

We carry an edited selection of classic and contemporary fabrics as well as seasonal items such as shirts, ties and accessories.

All fittings take place on an appointment basis.

The experience and process of measuring and fitting your garments is the same as if you had visited us at one of our stores.

Made-to-measure garments require two visits a minimum of six weeks apart.

On our second visit you will try on the partially fitted garments for review of fit and balance.

Once final adjustments and hand finishing have been undertaken in our workroom, the garments will be delivered to you.

To make an appointment

Email us about an appointment and subscribe to receive information about upcoming visits.