Hand-made neck ties

Our luxury ties are almost entirely hand made - from the highest quality silk, wool, cashmere and linen - and include details such as bar tacking at both ends of the tie and a pure wool interlining that helps the tie keep it’s shape and recover from being worn. A tie that is made correctly, with superior details, will give you a more handsome knot, better drape & nicer dimple.


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Hand Stitching

Stitching is a critical component of a crafted tie. The Slip Stich runs the vertical length of the tie, allowing the tie to move along this hidden thread and drape without undue twisting. Heavier Bar Tack stitches give lateral structure that reinforce the slip stitching and help a necktie maintain its shape.

Handrolled Edges

The edge of a necktie (where the shell goes from the front to back) is rolled and carefully pressed. This ensures a fullness at the edge as opposed to a flat, lifeless crease.

Wool Interlining

The interlining is what constitutes the ‘body’ of most ties and almost all quality ties will have a pure wool interlining this helps the tie keep it’s shape. Wool has more ‘memory’ than silk or linen, this assists the tie to recover from being worn.