At Crane Brothers, we believe that beautifully crafted tailoring forms one of the most important and empowering parts of a man’s wardrobe. Our made-to-measure service is the backbone of our offer, and allows at every step to create tailoring with the needs and tastes of the wearer in mind.



We describe our style as Antipodean tailoring. Whilst we draw from both British and Italian traditions, our suiting, jacketing and trousers are designed to work in harmony with the Antipodean climate and lifestyle. We utilise soft, comfort-focussed artisanal construction that allows the wearer to feel effortlessly ennobled without stiffness or restriction. Our philosophy is that tailoring should be as much of a pleasure to wear as it is to look at.


Our garments are cut, constructed and finished by hand at our central Italy factory. We use hand-canvassing on all of our jackets, a process which, when paired with our soft shoulder line and full sleeve head, gives them unparalleled freedom of movement. Our house shape is soft through the shoulder with a full sleeve head and a gently suppressed abdomen, designed to work in concert with our finely tailored trouser shape.


Crane Brothers works with dozens of the world’s finest cloth mills, offering an incalculable number of exciting options to create with, from light and breathable Italian twills to the luxurious and tactile British flannel. Our staff will be able to guide you through the selection process, understanding your requirements for the garment and helping you select a fabric that offers the right blend of aesthetic, weight, performance and handle.


Our service also allows you to customise the features of your garments to create something that feels truly personal and unique. From shoulder line, to lapel shape, to pocket styles, to trouser pleats, we offer numerous ways to put your personal stamp on your tailoring.


Making beautiful things takes time; our service requires a minimum of six to eight weeks and at least three fittings. This is important for allowing our tailors to finesse and perfect the cut and fit of your suit.


Our prices begin from NZD$1,995.00, with finance options available


If you require any assistance with our suiting please phone or email.


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