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How long does the made to measure process take?

We usually quote six to eight weeks from your initial fitting to delivery of the finished product. Where a wedding is involved, we do prefer slightly longer if possible.

How long does it take to have a garment adjusted?

We quote ten working days, however we can often accommodate urgent

Where does the made-to-measure fitting take place?

We conduct fittings in all of our three boutiques, as well as offering an off-site service.

How long should I allow for an appointment?

We usually recommend forty five minutes to an hour for your initial appointment, and twenty minutes for each additional fitting.

Can I use my own cloth for your made-to-measure service?

Yes you can. We will test the cloth before use to make sure it’s suitable, and we cannot accept any responsibility for its performance.

Can I get my old suit altered?

We offer a full alteration and remodelling service, should your shape or taste in fit change.

How many fittings will I need?

After your initial measure, two more fittings.

Where are the alterations done?

All alterations are managed by our Crane Brothers workroom.

What happens if I gain or lose weight between my initial and first fitting?

Normally this isn't an issue ; most men gain and lose bulk on their waist and abdomen. Our suits carry generous inlays meaning the garment can be let out or taken in ( up to 1 complete size if required).

How many cloths do you offer?

We have in excess of 5000 cloths available for made-to-measure. Our books are updated seasonally. Our core offer consists of top selling books from the world's top mills.

I am worried about choosing my cloth from such a small swatch. What if I don’t like it when it's made up?

We believe that with our experience that we can guide you professionally. There are so many other variables to consider with cloth selection rather than just colour and pattern. We work with the best fabric mills in the world and we travel to Europe regularly viewing new collections. We then curate the thousands of patterns we view into an edited form highlighting new trends and directions in weaving alongside great staples.

There are so many terms that I don't understand, what do they mean?

Aspects of Tailoring can be very technical: Visit our Suits page to see a glossary of terms of the more frequent terms you may hear.

Are there any extra charges?

For ready-to-wear all basic finishing is included in the rack price. For complex alterations such as Coat shortening, Balance adjustments we do charge. In these instances we would reccomend Made to Measure. Made to Measure attracts no additional tailoring charges.

Is it best to lose the weight before I make an appointment?

Short answer: No. Buying a Crane Brothers suit is an investment that will last for a number of years if cared for properly. Most men ebb and flow on their weight; you want the garment to fit you the whole time.

What do I need to bring for my fitting?

There’s no need to bring anything special with you, however should you want to try a particular shirt or shoe, then by all means bring your pieces along.

Can you provide a quote?

We can provide a full quote, including cloth swatches where possible, on anything from our collection. Our quotes are valid for twelve weeks from date of issue.

How much do I need to pay for my deposit?

We request a fifty percent deposit when placing the order, with the balance payable on completion.

Do you offer duty-free?

We can offer a duty and tax-free service on any goods we are sending to an overseas delivery address.

Do you offer Layby?

Yes we do on ready to wear garments and accessories. Layby is normally 4 weeks although this can be extended in special circumstances like a wedding.

Do you charge for Wedding Consultations?

No we don’t charge for this service.

Do you do suit hire?

We do not not offer a Hire Service.

How much will it cost me?

We can work with most budgets but we will not compromise on our cloth and make quality. We start at $1995.00 for both Ready to Wear and Made to Measure with a comprehensive selection of cloths at this price.

What does By Appointment mean?

We appreciate that it isn’t always possible for you to make it to the store during normal trading hours or, in some instances, to make it in at all. By Appointment means just that: we can see you at a time and place convenient to you.

Can you recommend a good Drycleaner?

Yes: please contact us for any questions you have about Garment Care

Why do I need to make an appointment?

Wherever possible we like to work on an appointment basis. Buying a suit is a big decision and we appreciate that you don’t want to be rushed or distracted. An appointment means that can be avoided.

Do you have Sales?

No: occasionally we will have a workroom event where we sell samples and other items. These events are incredibly popular and occur seasonally. If you want to find out more join our mailing list.

Where is Crane Brothers made?

We still manufacture in New Zealand and also have workshops we work with in Italy. We do not manufacture in China. All cloth is sourced from Italy and the United Kingdom, in many instances exclusively for us.