Murray Crane

Founder, Crane Brothers.

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Murray Crane

I started Crane Brothers last century - 1999 to be precise. The ‘contemporary tailors’ part was added later; about the same time we threw out the fax machine.

My small ideas came often and were good and bad. My big idea was blending tradition and innovation. I wanted the Crane Brothers brand to be synonymous with excellence and to celebrate the heritage of menswear - especially the suit.
I set out to share my vision of what modern tailoring could represent: artisanal craft combined with contemporary design, made in New Zealand and sold in an environment that put the customer first.

Creating something is always challenging and making it is even harder, but it is incredibly satisfying, and today Crane Brothers Contemporary Tailors still manufactures in New Zealand as well as Italy offering a curated selection of the best menswear products from around the globe.