From the cutting room floor

Cheaney Shoes


I am happy to be announcing that we are re-entering the shoe market after a break of two or more years.

I was lucky enough to meet with Cheaney shoes on my last trip away and secure exclusive rights to their collection for New Zealand. Their range is extensive and I have hand selected a capsule collection that I feel best represents what they do. There will be two ‘City’ shoes in black calf plus a beautiful hand finished brogue in a rich tan that will work well with a suit but also jeans. We will also be carrying a double monk strap in black and brown.

Cheaney are an old traditional Northampton shoemaker. Owned by the Church family they were used as an overflow factory for Church production and when that brand was purchased by Prada it lay largely forgotten on their asset schedule. The Church families bought it back off Prada and have been quietly re invigorating the brand over the last few years. 

 Nothing has changed in terms of how the shoes are made and the result is a lovely bench made, Goodyear welted shoe with a very slight tweak making it the perfect blend between tradition and the contemporary. Cheaney don’t do own label production and have a limited presence online making it the perfect brand for us to stock given its limited availability.

I adore English made shoes and have coveted this brand for years. It has all the hallmarks of everything I love about small handmade English production.

 We will be stocking a full size range including half sizes and can do special orders as well. Prices will start from NZ $595.00.