Less is More

I make things I like and I sell things I make. This means garments and accessories that fit my idea of contemporary tailoring: the principles of artisan craft combined with modern design.

I started Crane Brothers in 1998.

We are a boutique business selling a curated Menswear offer that we have made our selves, by hand, in New Zealand and these days with a little help from our friends in Italy and Great Britain.

We have two stores in New Zealand and one in Sydney.


We love what we do and have spent a lifetime fascinated by the traditional crafts of tailoring, shoe, shirt and tie making.

Our interests include, but are not limited to, contemporary art, antiques, jewellery making, watches, typography and stationery.

We like very nice things.

You can read what we're up to in the daily Dispatch. Everything is written by me, there's no one else banging out copy. Please excuse my poor grammar, occasional spelling mistakes, moaning and bitching.

If I haven’t written about something for a couple of days it is because nothing much has happened. I don’t repost other peoples ideas.

Murray Crane.

If you would like to talk to us about any aspect of our products or would like advice on clothing and accessories please visit the store or email me.

No question is too stupid and no request too big. 

We love feedback on our products and your experience ( good and bad ) because it helps us improve what we do.

murray (at) crane-brothers.com.